I’m Linda, and I founded Fabulous You Paris in 2014 to offer the best personal shopping experiences in Paris.

After I moved to Paris in 2000, I discovered that visitors often struggled to find the fashion hotspots. They would get lost in the tourist traps and feel overwhelmed by the number of different stores, often missing the best Parisian boutiques.

So I decided to create a fun and effortless shopping experience in the fashion capital of the world. Based on your individual style and budget, I’ll help you discover the trendy boutiques, vintage shops, and/or luxury stores in the City of Lights. I’m also excited to now offer online styling sessions if you prefer a virtual visit with me!

Are you ready for your unforgettable Parisian shopping adventure?

More about Linda

Clothes are wearable art, and fashion can transform and empower you. Ever since I was a kid working with my dad’s clothing line in Italy, I’ve had a passion for fashion. After earning a Bachelor’s of Fashion Design from the American University in London and a Master’s of Marketing in Paris, I bring my knowledge and expertise to every personal shopping experience!

Shopping in Paris

Shopping in Paris

When I’m not shopping with clients, you’ll probably find me:

  • Traveling with my husband
  • Practicing yoga
  • Listening to Beyonce’s greatest hits
  • Chilling with my beloved cat, Bibi
  • Enjoying Asian food
  • Building my collection of designer handbags
  • Spending time with my family in Italy

So, what are you waiting for? Contact me now to reserve your once-in-a-lifetime styling experience!