Online Styling

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What if there was a way to achieve Parisian style in the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can!

As your Online Style Consultant, I will provide practical solutions on how you can improve your look, revitalize your wardrobe, and maximize your style — all via video conferencing.

Whether you opt for the Online Styling Coaching or the Virtual Boutique Experience, one thing’s for sure — you’ll never be short on fashion inspiration again!

What to Expect

Online Styling Coaching — 150 Euros

If you’d like to get a taste of having a Personal Stylist to help you achieve a chic Parisian style, this service is for you!

Your Online Styling session consists of a 45 minute video-call where we’ll:

✔ Conduct a full style and body-shape assessment

✔ Identify your fashion goals and needs according to your lifestyle

✔ Identify the best looks for your body and coloring based on my years of fashion and styling experience 

Online Styling

 The  Virtual Boutique Experience  — 250 euros

This unique service is 1 hour and 45 minute service, broken down into three style sessions as follows.

Style Session #1 — A 30-Minute Video Call

✔ Get to know each other

✔ Identify your fashion goals and needs

Style Session #2 — A 45-Minute Video Call at a Parisian Boutique

✔ Live call with me direct from a local designer boutique in Paris’ trendy Marais neighborhood

✔ I will propose pieces and show you live how to style them to make every item work flawlessly with your body shape and coloring

✔ After the consultation, you may choose to purchase any of the unique outfits and have them effortlessly shipped to your door!

Style Session #3 – A 30-Minute Video Call

✔ Follow-up session to confirm you received your new outfits from Paris and you understand how to style them

You’ll Learn

✔ How to shop smarter for your body shape 

✔ How to use fashion to your advantage by knowing what to buy

✔ How to style your key pieces

✔ How to get that effortless Parisian style!

Your stylish adventure awaits!  Click here to book now!