Personal shopping with Linda

Judith, Washigton,

I had my first ever personal shopping experience yesterday. Linda turned out to be a good choice as she had planned ahead for what she thought would be suitable for me. I enjoyed meeting a designer and trying on a variety of clothes. I figured that if I ever were to do something like this, Paris would be the place. I recommend the tour with Linda.

A Creative and Effective Personal Shopper

Anita, Florida

I completed three hours of shopping with Linda today. I have done personal shopping before at Printemps but wanted to try a shopper who had the freedom to explore a range of Parisien designers, and who wasn’t focused on having me meet a specific quota.

I loved that Linda pre-selected cuts, colours and styles that were not typical of my wardrobe, and that were unlikely to be found in a department store. You are guaranteed to feel glamorous by the end of your tour.

Private teen shopping tour of Paris

Joan, Florida

My grand daughter thought this was the best tour of our ten days in France and Switzerland. Linda was extremely knowledgeable about which boutiques would be best for a 16 year-old girl. Maddie had the time of her life, and was so pleased with all of her purchases. We were both shocked at how much she was able to buy for 100 Euros. We highly recommend this tour, and ask for Linda.

Fun day with my girls

Melissa, Florida

Thanks to Linda for a wonderful day with my girls! She was punctual, friendly, & detail-oriented! She contacted me before our trip to get a feel for my needs, so that when we arrived to the boutique, the perfect outfits were waiting for all three of us! Thank you for a fun & memorable last day in Paris!

Great personal shopping experience!

Yvonne, California
I cannot recommend Linda enough; she really has a great eye and managed to find my style with ease. It was fun day and she made shopping in Paris an absolute pleasure!

Great help as a personal shopper

Heather, London, United Kingdom
I really appreciated Linda’s advice along the way. I could tell that she listened to what I said I needed to get, what I was looking to spend, and what my sty was. I got several very practical pieces that will greatly add to my wardrobe. I am very glad I chose to have this shopping trip with Linda!

What an amzing time 🙂

Katharina Cape Town, South Africa

It was a great day and a real pleasure to spend some time with Linda in Paris. She showed me a lot of the best shops, the tourisitic and also the hidden side of the Marais which was a wonderful experience.I enjoyed this trip as much as I imagined and I can only hope to do it again! Thanks again a Million and take care, Linda!

Great shopping experience

Valeria, Milan, Italy

If, like me, you don’t know your way around Paris that well and want to find some unique pieces of clothing, I definitely suggest you give Linda a call. She is very nice and will do everything in her power to help you find what you are looking for! I am very decisive and I know what I like when it comes to fashion, but I still found her help extremely valuable. She showed me around the Marais, and took to some amazing shops I would have never even looked at if I had not been with her. She saved me a lot of time and efforts and helped me find the perfect dress for my graduation. Overall I am extremely pleased by our experience.